Romantikk Eller ekteskap. Hva gjør et godt forhold
By; Eugene Maovera; Sabela Communications.
A couple of weeks ago I found myself having the audience of 4 young ladies in an accounts office. Being the only male in the room I received a barrage of questions about relationship/marriage and I comfortably answered each with ease.

The conversation then turned to me as in my personal relationships and preferences in a relationship/wife. I was asked about what I sought for in a woman. Very strangely and rarely am I at a loss for words or an answer but on this day I was. I actually realized that I don't know what kind or type of woman I want/need.

I consider all relationships/marriage to be partnerships. However with business the attributes to successful partnership are much easier to identify and the lines are much clearer. There is also a bottom line or profit that is unquestionable, you either make it or you don't. Losses in general can be traced to someone or something, so in essence there is accountability. If we consider happiness and joy to be profit in a relationship how, on whose account do we debit or credit the responsibility? Some people are unhappy on their own account and you can never guarantee yourself to make up for their deficiencies.

Life partnerships are a little harder to determine. How do I even choose the woman that is good for me and I for her. Besides that, what is my definition of good and is it right. The volatile nature of our emotional state, tradition and cultural practices plus doctrines are all x's and y's in this equation. 

Relationships ( Marriage) is supposed to bring about growth, happiness, comfort, companionship so forth and so on. How do I guarantee that that which I want /need today will still hold the same relevance tomorrow. Who guarantees the my partner and I's needs evolve at the same time or if not where does she or I draw the strength to be patient when the other isn't at par with pace. 

Jostling with my thoughts I came to the conclusion that this was all in vain. God created us and has already given us the perfect partner . The Bible says in Genesis 1 vs 27, ".....in the image of God he created them; male and female He created them." This was before the physical formation of man which we then find in Genesis 2 vs7.

This leads me to believe that we all have the perfect partner. Perfect in every sense as we already have been paired spiritually or in spirit 
..............to be continued 

...............to be continued